WIN exclusive Japanese beauty products from Luxella!

WIN exclusive Japanese beauty products from Luxella! Favful

Luxella is the one-stop Japanese online beauty store with all the good stuff!

The beauty world doesn’t just evolve around Korean beauty brands, though the craze for K-beauty is still going strong. Right before beauty brands from kimchi-land owned a big part of the market (and our beauty drawers), Japanese beauty products were everything. Even now, brands such as Kose, Shiseido and SK II are still popular due to their premium quality and great results.

Apart from the above well-recognized Japanese beauty brands, there are also magnificent beauty gems such as Kanebo, Evita Series and organic face wash brand Ecott Cosme that haven't surfaced in Malaysia or Singapore before. Where can you get your hands on these these hard-to-find beauty products? Glad you asked. We are extremely honoured to collab with Luxella, an online beauty store that carries carefully curated Japanese beauty products for a giveaway!

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How to win the giveaway?

1. Leave a fun and creative comment below, telling us which product is your fave and why you want to try it.

2. One (1) winner will be chosen by Kaylee, the owner of Luxella, to do a product review and bag your desired Japanese beauty product!

Winner will be announced on our website and social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as Luxella's Instagram account

Good luck!