These models wore Snapchat filters IRL during NYFW 2016

These models wore Snapchat filters IRL during NYFW 2016 Favful

NYFW 2016's runway makeup is going digital!

As we know, Snapchat has the best filters yet. We mean, who the heck doesn’t use those fun filters if you’re a Snapchat user? Clothing designer Desigual too, had fun with them by bringing them to real life on the runway of New York Fashion Week 2016 and these looks totally stole the show! Intially inspired by the #NoFilter hashtag on social media, the MAC artists left most of the models’ faces sans makeup, revealing their natural faces but playfully transformed 6 lucky models into the community favourite-Snapchat filters such as the lovely flower crown, alluring golden butterflies, cuddly bambi and more. Keep scrolling to see all the selfie-worthy masterpieces!

The puppy

Makeup artists used black and brown pigments to create this OG puppy look, which happens to be Kylie Jenner’s fave filter!

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The flower crown

Carefully crafted paper flower crowns with matching lace outfits looked flirty even with bare faces! That’s what Snapchat filters are great for, right?

The deer

Galaxy freckles, move away! This model sashayed down the runway with a full face of deer makeup and slayin’ them white freckles.

The bumblebee

With intense black pigment as contour and gold pigment as highlighter, this contour/ strobing game is hitting top notch.

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The butterfly goddess

A crown of golden butterflies has got to be one of the best filters that gives your face a glowy appeal and shimmery gold lids, and it appeared to look as fabulous in real life.

The crazy cat-eye

Tiger or cat, whatever you call this look, it's fierce for sure. Using only black hues, makeup artists illustrated strokes of black lines on the model’s face, not forgetting that intensified black eyeliner to turn her into a tiger.

These makeup inspirations are clearly a pass for daily wear but we believe these looks will definitely kick some butt during a Halloween party. Which look will you pick? 

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