You need to see how these girls are owning the viral Yeezy Sock Booties without paying a dime.

You need to see how these girls are owning the viral Yeezy Sock Booties without paying a dime. Favful

Now THIS is what we called inventive.

It’s not surprising at all when we see the Jenners rocking sock booties, crafted by the hands of Kanye West's Yeezy label. Apparently not all of us can handle these babies because they are costing an arm and a leg, with a sky-high price tag of US$895 (S$1,241, RM3,752 as per conversion rate today). This is crazy! However, the internet always has creative stuff floating around and we are taking our hats off to these brilliantly creative minds. One of them, Shay Cherise, with her Instagram username of @thenuvogue, got her inspiration from @collette_emily to create a dupe for these viral sock booties, instead of paying a crazy chunk of money for that.

Behold the REAL sock booties:

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The technique is simple: Get a pair of pointed-toe stilettos, shop for the right sock shade (or you can stick to Yeezy-approved nude, brown, white, black and army-green hues), slip the sock over the stiletto and cut a small hole right under the heel. Shay used textured paper on the bottom to prevent slipping while for Emily, she trimmed the socks to expose the bottom sole and secured the socks to the sides with thread tape.

Now, watch them dupes slay:



Did I Nail it or Fail it ? Look inspired by Kendall. I couldn't get it spot on but I tired πŸ˜…

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Thank you @thenuvogue for this DIY Yeezy heel tutorial😘I had to try it outπŸ˜‹πŸ€— #OOTD#HTX

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Would you try it? Leave your thoughts below. TTYL because we are on the go for some sock-cutting!!

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